Meet Endo the Earthwom!

Endo is an endogeic earthworm who lives deep beneath the dark, damp soil. Endo feels safe under the ground; they have everything a worm could want: fresh clean earth to eat and lots of worm friends to talk to!

Endo never imagined that there might be more to the world than lunching on leaves and slurping up soil — until they bump their head into the root of a tree. But what is that? The trees sing to each other through their twisting roots! Their songs tell of a wonderous world above ground, a world Endo has never visited. It is filled with creatures alive with colour and song, dancing in the sun.

Join Endo in their adventures above ground, and we will fill your heads with astonishing bug facts and activities for you, your friends and your whole family to enjoy! 

To find out more about World Earthworm Day and to learn how to compost lots of stuff with the help of worms, check out the website of our project partner The Earthworm Society of Great Britain!